Master Closet Reveal With The Tailored Closet

Tailored Living is now The Tailored Closet !! They made my dream closet office come true!! I am SO honored & privileged to get to share with you the master closet reveal and partnership with The Tailored Closet (previously Tailored Living)! You NEED to see just how much chaos there was before The Tailored Closet came to the rescue lol! Check out the before and after pictures below!!!

Since this space is also my work place, we designed the closet to look and feel like a boutique. However, The Tailored Closet does projects of all sizes and budgets! There is no project too small or too large. They will customize solutions just for you!!

Tailored Living split into two separate brands: The Tailored Closet and Premier Garage! The Tailored Closet works with homeowners to create whole home organization solutions and focuses on creating beautifully organized spaces!

Click here to schedule a free consultation! In-home or virtual appointments available and you can book with the The Tailored Closet closest to you!

As our master closet makeover was a collaborative project, I am thrilled to introduce you to the entire dream team! Meet…

Dana Reed Nuesca: @tailoredlivingnorthcounty

The Tailored Closet Owner in San Diego, CA. Custom storage and whole home organization systems expert! Specializes in closets, pantries, home offices, and more! She takes clients and their spaces from hot mess to not mess!

Tammy Rydahl: @simpleorganization

Professional organizer and founder of Simple, an organization company. Based in San Diego with virtual services available. Her extensive interior design experience brings not only practical organization plans, but also aesthetics. She leaves EVERY space she touches not only neater and more organized, but prettier!!

Shannon Weller: @shannonwellerdesign

Professional Interior Designer for over 20 years and founder of Shannon Weller Design, a timeless boutique interior design studio based in Del Mar, CA. Shannon can design in her sleep and elevate any space to be something you LOVE! Her priority is her client’s best interest and she works hard to finalize all the details while achieving the global vision.

Additional partners:

Tag Hardware– Symphony Wall Organizer (see below)

Garrison Collection– GORGEOUS wood flooring! We have the color “Farwell”

360windowsanddoors– Window and door experts (they replaced ALL the windows in our house and upgraded the look with sleek, black frames!)

Lumina Builders– General Contractor, with integrity!

More details below, but first I’ll give you a little backstory!

Once upon a time, we were a family of three (with one on the way!) and we moved into a beautiful house eager to make our own! I had dreams of renovating each room to reflect our personalities. At the time, I was not blogging and little did I know that the closet would eventually become better than I ever imagined and my office!!

Fast forward to January 2020, I am a full time fashion and lifestyle blogger in desperate need of a cloffice (aka closet office)! Due to the nature of my job, there is always a significant influx of clothes and I lacked the systems necessary to keep my space, and life (and mind!) organized.

Insert Dana Reed Nuesca! The Tailored Closet and the team took my closet from hot mess to not mess!! And my friends…just look at the MESS below!!!

Dana arrived for our free at home consultation. This was before COVID, and since then The Tailored Closet has adapted to take all necessary precautions for all their customers and associates to make safety a priority.

We hit it off right away and so began not only a professional relationship, but friendship too!! Dana brings heart and soul into her business. She designs on her own and works well with a team, as was the case for this closet makeover!

After obtaining initial measurements, Dana, Tammy and Shannon met with me to kick off the project together. Each perspective brought a unique element for creative synergy. Shannon selected the wood flooring, wall paper and light fixtures to compliment the white cabinetry and brass hardware. The Tailored Closet offers a variety of finishes and accessories for customization!

Next, Dana and I hopped on a zoom call to review the final 3D CAD design. Everything was such a simple, easy process. Theeeeen COVID hit. Due to the global pandemic, the project had some unexpected twists and turns, but The Tailored Closet was there all along the way to plan, prepare, pivot and execute! Installation day finally arrived and the team worked efficiently and courteously! They showed up on time, with masks, communicated with me throughout the entire process and cleaned up everyday after their shift.

Before I knew it, the closet was installed and ready for Tammy to organize and style! She did a phenomenal job taking what I already owned to accessorize and stage! She taught me how to file fold and designated what each section of the closet would hold so I knew exactly where to put everything! This was HUGE for me. Prior to the closet makeover, I had a lot of space, but it wasn’t functional for my needs and I didn’t have a designated “home” for things, so they just ended up wherever I left them! I am SO GLAD those days are over!!! Having systems in place makes my life so much better!!!!!!

Now for the final look!!! Let’s take a peek at each photo and I’ll talk you through the highlights!

This is what you see when you first walk in! I do a bunch of my Instagram reels and Amazon livestreams in front of this custom built in dresser! The top is glass for that boutique feel and The Tailored Closet installed the velvet lining, plus jewelry compartments for easy organizing.

Below the jewelry are drawers for lingerie, workout clothes, t-shirts and additional storage. All the drawers of have a slow self-closing feature with just a gentle nudge and Shannon chose the gold hardware among the many options The Tailored Closet offers!

The custom made The Tailored Closet floating shelves & cubbies provide a “storefront” space for bags, shoes and home decor items. The LED lighting runs the length of the shelving throughout the closet, even behind the glass doors you’ll see coming up! I can’t believe just how much of a dramatic difference the the extra lighting makes!! Tammy brought in some clear risers, gold holders and designer books to creatively use for staging.

One of my favorite features of the custom built ins is the ability to hide the hampers! There are two tilt down hampers with removable laundry bags that are easy to put in and take out!

Other features include gold clothing rack bars, gold shoe rails on the shoe racks, gold belt rod (that slides for easy access), and a gold valet rod.

“What is a valet rod?” you might ask…At least that is what I asked Dana when she first told me about it!! It’s a single rod that slides out to hang clothes on. She told me I would love it, and do I ever!!!! I didn’t think I would use it much, but I personally use it every day!!! It makes styling outfits easy, is the perfect place to hang garments to dry, or to temporarily store clothing that are in transit- for me that’s doing photoshoots, but it’s also perfect for when packing for a trip or comparing items that you just need a place to hang and see!!

The open shelving is ideal for clear dividers to keep clothes and accessories stacked and pretty. We replaced all the hangers with velvet and gold ones. We also purchased gold boots clips, and I just want to take a moment to point out that having these custom bays to hang my boots in has been a game changer!!! Not only does it save space, but it also looks nice and keeps my boots in great shape! I get questions on how I store my boots…ta-dah! I highly recommend hanging them!

Next up! Let’s chat about this TAG Symphony Wall Organizer!!! The white and gold finish is luxurious and sophisticated! This can be used as a real life mood board, to style outfits, and store everyday items that don’t need to take up shelf space. The hooks are moveable and can be placed to wherever they work best for you!

In conclusion, we are SO happy with how the closet turned out!!!! Thank you so much for joining me today!!! If you have space in your home that you’d love new systems for, schedule your complimentary consultation here! I’d love to hear how your journey with The Tailored Closet goes!!!

Thank you so much The Tailored Closet for partnering in this ad and post! I have loved working with you and the team!! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own! Click here to shop my daily fashion finds! I love and appreciate you all!! Can’t wait to hang out with you all virtually next!! XO!!

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