Elevate Your Everyday Athleisure Wardrobe With Zella!

There are many things I’m grateful for: health, family, sunshine, rain, cheesy jokes, chocolate…the list goes on and on! Hehe!!! Among the plethora, there is one in particular I’d like to dedicate this post to, and that’s the athleisure trend! It has made leggings, sneakers and all not only acceptable, but also intentional for daily wear. There are days when I know for a FACT that the gym won’t be in sight, yet my #ootd starts with grabbing some cute leggings anyways…like these Zella ones!!

Zella workout gear

nordstrom zella workout clothes

My first experience with Zella was a pair of “yoga” pants. I was surprised at how slimming they made me feel (and look!). Happy with the first paired I ordered, I went for these gray ones!! For reference, I’m wearing size xs. I love the mesh because of how it looks, yet I also appreciate its functionality! They keep me cool while helping me look cool…and I need all the help I can get! Teehehe! Especially when I’m rushing out of the house in the morning, trying to get the kids to school on time!

yoga leggings


Happy with the leggings, it just made sense to try out their tops too! I was immediately drawn to the fit of this tee because of the twisted hem and sleeve length. I thought to myself, “Oooo! I will totally rock this with some jeans too!!” It is super versatile and such a pretty color for spring!!!

zella fitness

happy fit girl

I didn’t realize that Zella can only be purchased at Nordstrom!! Then on second thought, that didn’t surprise me because Nordstrom offers the best of the best!!! Nordstrom is seriously my home away from home…you can ask my hubby what he thinks about that! Hehe!!! I value Nordstrom’s superior customer service and products!!! Zella is high-quality, consciously sourced, trend-right, fits right, and offers great value!!

happy girl

Whether gym or grocery store (and beyond!), Zella will take your athleisure looks to the next level! I’ve linked a few more of my Zella favorites for you to browse and shop!! Happy shopping, Loves!!!

As always, you can find me at (@interiordesignerella) on Instagram !! I post all my fashion finds there!! If interested, you can click here to be taken to my “Shop My Instagram” page! Thank you SO much Nordstrom and Reward Style for sponsoring this post! It’s a privilege to get to work with you!!! Thank you!!! Photography credit goes to Cindy Kyle Photography! As always, all content and thoughts are my own! I appreciate you all!!! XOXO!!!

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