Look Longer and Slimmer With These Black Skinny Jeans!

I have tried on many, many pairs of skinny jeans…and I know I’m not alone!! Perhaps you have too! We should start a club! What should we call it?? How about we name it with a hashtag…how does this sound…#whyisitsohardtofindjeansthatfitme hehe!! Am I right? Or am I right?! Lol! Okay, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe jean shopping is piece of cake for you. In that case, I’m excited for you, because that’s really cool!!! And I’m also excited because whether denim shopping is a breeze or not, you’ll LOVE these black skinny jeans!!!!


skinny jeans

Let’s go over some product specs here….

Fit: It’s highwaist, and many high waisted skinny jeans either squeeze me too much so they’re uncomfortable or they just move my muffin top up a little higher than normal ha! Either case, I’m not a fan. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable these hug me! Standing or sitting, they pass the test for comfort.

Sizing: I suggest sizing up one size. Two if you’re not sure. I’m usually a 25 in jeans and I ordered a size 26. Fits perfect! As for the length, you can choose between 30 or 32. I’m 5’6 and went with 32!

skinny jeans

Material: The fabric is thinner than most denim. However, it’s still very durable. I have some skinny jeans that are so soft, they feel more like leggings than jeans! These skinny jeans are a perfect comprise and have some give to it that makes it even more comfortable!! I’m all about comfortable clothes!!

Figure (and wallet) Flattering: I can’t believe how well these fit, my Babes!!! That’s why they’re getting a whole dedicated blog post…#thatgood haha! I appreciate how long and thin they make my legs look, how practical they are, and how affordable too!!! I’ve tried on much more expensive skinny jeans, and the fact that these are only 70 bucks is such a steal for what we’re getting!!! In my perspective, the money spent is not just on the product alone, but we’re also getting how we feel in them! These make me feel slim, polished, and comfortable!! And who doesn’t like that? Hehe!

These skinny jeans are totally versatile and you can style them a zillion ways!!! But when I saw this Gucci wanna be belt that I HAD TO HAVE (I mean, those pearl accents were calling my name!!) I decided to make the outfit palette a dark hue + gold sort of thing. My belt is a size small/medium, although I think I’ll exchange it for the xsmall. Plus, this adorable crossbody bag is only $35 and comes in red too!!

Now quick disclaimer, I say “dark hue” and not “black” because my sweater is NOT black and white. It is a very dark navy blue. My hubby thinks dark blue and black together are a no-no. Call me unconventional, but I like the no-no duo:) I’m wearing a size 4 in this epic knit!

happy girl


I added these simple, yet elegant $75 gold heels to the mix, but you can absolutely rock this whole look with boots, flats, or booties (fact: my 5 year old always giggles when I say “booties” lol)!! However, I loveee the soft gold and how sturdy they are, despite the spiked heel. Just a heads up, I have narrow feet so there is quite a bit of room where the strap is that goes over my toes. I’m thinking about adding a foot cushion pad to make it a little more snug. But if you are ever concerned about shoe straps being too small or tight, then I think you’ll find these fit pretty fabulous!

gold shoes

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