Best Sellers From Nsale!

Girls!! These were best sellers from the Nsale (Nordstrom Anniversary) last year! These are all pretty much sold out, but I want to help prepare you so you can get an idea of what typically goes quick!!! Sweaters, animal print, and shoes are usually hot ticket items!!

The official 2020 Nsale preview is July 24th!!!! Stay tuned for my Nsale 2020 shopping guide!!! You can sign up here for our exclusive Nsale email list! It is separate from our on-going weekly email list!! I want to be able to communicate restocks, best sellers and all throughout the sale! If I wait til only once a week, you gals will miss out!! If you’re not familiar with the Nsale, product often sells out in a matter of hours and minutes, so the exclusive email list will keep you updated throughout the weeks of the sale!!

ALSO!! Nordstrom ALREADY sent me product from the Nsale for THIS YEAR!! I am sharing those on my Instagram so you can see a sneak peek BEFORE the actual preview!!!!! Ahhhhh! SO EXCITED!!!!!

I can’t wait to shop the 2020 Nsale with you ladies!!!! Click here to read more info on Nsale 2020!!! Love & appreciate you all!!! XOXO!!!

HIGHEST SELLOUT RISK!!! Shop these first!!!

Sweaters/ Tops (These usually go the fastest!!)


Bags/ Accessories



Beauty/ Home



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