Master Suite Reveal With Budget Blinds!!

Ahhh gorgeous gorgeous girlies!!! I’m SO excited the day is finally here to REVEAL the master suite remodel!! What a dream!!! Gahhh!!! To say I’m beyond grateful would be an understatement!! Can you believe this first began in 2020 and here we are!!! Whether you have done a remodel, considered remodelling, or enjoy the satisfaction of seeing someones remodel…you may know that there are twists and turns to remodelling, hehe!! I’ve learned so much along the way!! I worked with such amazing Partners in this master suite remodel, they guided and assisted me in bringing this to life!! I was able to partner with Budget Blinds for my stunning window treatments!! The blinds in my room are remote controlled which I didn’t realize how much of a time saver it was going to be!! At the touch of a button I can control whether my blinds go up or down, which is so nice after a long day and I climb into bed to sleep!! You can click here to schedule a free consultation! In-home or virtual appointments available and you can book with a Budget Blinds closest to you!

I will be linking everything that is available below and will include Amazon alternatives!! Of course, I will also share details of all the beautiful window treatment, tiling, flooring, etc!! Are you ready gf!!! Let’s get into the details!!!

As our master suite makeover was a collaborative project, I am thrilled to introduce you to…

Shannon Weller@shannonwellerdesign
Professional Interior Designer for over 20 years and founder of Shannon Weller Design, a timeless boutique interior design studio based in Del Mar, CA. Shannon can design in her sleep and elevate any space to be something you LOVE! Her priority is her client’s best interest and she works hard to finalize all the details while achieving the global vision.

Budget Blinds: @budgetblinds @budgetblindsofranchopenasquito
At Budget Blinds in Rancho Penasquitos, CA, they do it all for you so you can relax and enjoy your new window treatments.

Garrison Collection– GORGEOUS wood flooring! We have the color “Farwell”

GG Tile & Design– Bringing my dreams come true with sourcing all the tile and stone! Ask for Andy!!!

Wow!!! These before and after photos still make my jaw drop! Pleaseeeee don’t mind my mess! I took all the before photos just as I was clearing my room for the remodel!! The cozy neutral bedding feels just as good as it looks!! Someone pinch me!! Hehe!!

This mirror is everything!! I love how much of a statement it adds!! It also bounces so much light!! It’s perfection!! *Chef’s kiss!!

This corner of my room, next to the fireplace, was once where I had my office desk (you can barely see it piled under the boxes and clothes in the before photo lol). It is not a beautiful yet simple seating area. It’s where I often film, too!! I really love how dreamy the curtains look here!!!

The bathroom!!! Dare I say the best for last?!! I knew right away that I wanted to brighten up the bathroom area!! The white cabinets, marble floor and tiles, gold hardware, and even the window treatments really make this room feel every bit of lux and lavish!!

Last but certainly not least, both the closet and toilet closet also got the same beautiful window treatments from Budget Blinds!! The woven blinds add a nice subtle texture and they draw seamlessly! When they’re down, no one can see in, but it still allows enough of light in-which I love and SO appreciate!!

Btw, you can click here to see my Master Closet Reveal!!!

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