eBay Designer Bag: Buy, Enjoy, Re-Sell!

ebay designer bag chronicles. Once upon a time there was a girl (spoiler alert, it’s me hehe!) who admired luxury designer bags from afar. They seemed like beautiful art, but she never imagined that actually owning one would ever happen. They felt out of reach…as if they were only meant to be a dream.

louis vuitton ebay designer bag

Insert ebay!!! Ta-dah!!! After chasing my passions and hustling, I now have the incredible privilege of running my own business and those dream bags have become reality!! As much as I’d love to buy all the designer bags out there, I still have responsibility and want to be a good steward of funds. I LOVE that ebay designer bag shopping is so easy, safe and rewarding!!

It’s easy because there are so many bags to choose from!!!! Think Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel to name just a few!! Shopping at your fingertips with a vast variety!!

Shopping ebay designer bags is safe because of their epic Authenticate Program!! They are expert verified and ebay guaranteed! That means if there are any doubts about the authenticity of your bag once you get it, you can send it back for eBay to look it over. If authenticity can’t be verified, eBay will send you a full refund! Click here for eBay’s Authenticate Program
and to view their luxury designer bags!!! “If it’s happening in luxury, it’s happening on eBay!”

This process can be rewarding not just because you can buy a luxury designer bag at great prices, but you can also sell!!! They are currently running a promo where you can get 90% of the selling price for your bag if you send it in before May 31st!!

ebay designer bags

Girls, this is AMAZING!!! You can buy a bag (at a stellar price) or take a bag you already own, say something like this Gucci, sell it on eBay, and then use the funds to buy another eBay designer bag more fitting for spring!! You can get a your own little system of selling and buying on eBay for a chance to own and enjoy not just one designer bag, but as many as you’d like!

ebay designer bags

Some of them however, are keepers!!! Like this Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag! Should you end up wanting to keep your designer buddy, you might need to save up for the next round of eBay designer bag fun hehe!

I’ve linked a few other eBay designer bags!! Click any photo to shop!!

Thank you SO much eBay for sponsoring this post!! It is a dream come true to work with you, to enjoy those designer bags I used to only dream of, and to share how you make the luxurious attainable! Photo credit goes to the fabulous Cindy Kyle Photography!

As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own! You can shop my posts anytime on my shop page by clicking here!

Thank you for joining me today!!! I love and appreciate you all!! If you end up buying, selling and getting into a buy/ sell groove, I’d love to know!! Have a beautiful day, Beautiful people!! XO!!

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