How To Create An Automated Email Response

Hi wonderful!! Honored you’re here!! Heart eyes!! Here’s a step-by-step of how to create an automated email response for your TikTok!

Email automations are a fast and easy way for your customers to get an immediate response. They will need to be instructed to send you an email containing a specific keyword of your choosing (ex. A123). Make sure your keywords are not too generic that it will trigger unwanted email responses!

Creating the template:

  1. Log in to the Gmail account that will be sending out the automations and “Compose” an email.
  2. The “To” field can be left blank, and the “Subject” can have a brief description to help you remember which template you’re creating (ex. A123 email response, Abercrombie jeans link request response, etc.)
  3. In the body of the email, compose the template you would like people to receive when the keyword gets triggered.
  4. Once completed, go to the three dots at the bottom of the email box. Click on “Templates” –> “Save draft as template” –> “Save as new template.”
  5. Keep this email you just composed in your Drafts so that you can easily edit and update when you need to create a new template. Follow steps 2-4 every time.

Creating the automation:

  1. Go to your Gmail “Settings” (the gear icon in the upper right corner.)
  2. Click on “See all settings” and then “Filters and Blocked Addresses.” Then click on “Create a new filter.” (You may need to scroll down.)
  3. Next to the “Has the words” field, enter your keyword. Then click on “Create filter.”
  4. If you would like your automations to be in its own folder, click on the “Apply the label” box and create/select the appropriate label.
  5. Check the “Never send it to Spam” box.
  6. Check the “Send Template” box and select the template you created (ex. A123 email response). Then click on “Create filter.”

Additional tips:

  1. You should test the code to make sure it is set up properly. Use a different email address to send the keyword and see if you receive the automated response.
  2. Some emails will be marked as spam, and your customer will not receive the automated response. Regularly look over your email, and have a plan in place to respond to those who did not get their requested email response.
  3. There is a limit on how many automations you can create. If you plan on making a lot, it might be worthwhile to upgrade to Google Workspace.
  4. The automation will work whether the keyword is in the subject or the body of the email. Multiple codes can be sent in one email.

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