Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2024! Prep Starts Now!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2024! Hi gorgeous!!!! How are you?!! Sending tons of love!!! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2024 (Nsale) is just around the corner!!

I invite you to click here & subscribe to my EXCLUSIVE NSALE EMAIL LIST for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!!! It is separate from my weekly newsletter that goes out every Sunday, so if you are subscribed to that, you will still need to subscribe to this one!! You’ll get easy to shop links for hot items, restocks, and more!!

You can also sign-up for my Google Group! If you follow me on Instagram then you know I post reels every day and there have been multiple requests from my followers for automatic subscription to my links for instant shopping as I post! You won’t need to ask for links or wait for me to see your DM on Instagram! All you have to do is sign up! It’s free and this will be my primary constant communication with you every day!!

What is the Nsale? Why the hype??

It’s the one time of the year you can grab NEW arrivals from popular brands like Madewell, Topshop, Nike, Beis, and MORE at DEEP discounts!!! Because the savings are so good on brands that you can get BRAND new, items ALWAYS sell out fast!!!! People stock up on Christmas/holiday gifts, closet staples, and big ticket/splurge items that are on major SALE!!!! It’s bananas!! Everyone goes bananas!! It’s awesome hehe!!! And SO fun!!! But you got to act quick!!! This is NOT the time to browse!!!! You want a game plan, knowing exactly what brands you want, what category (bag, dresses, etc.) so you can get them before they’re gone!!!! I recommend BUY NOW, decide later!!!!! You can always return what you don’t want!!! I’ll be posting a complete shopping guide to the Nsale! I’ve learned a lot over the years shopping this sale!!!! Stay tuned!!!!

When is the Anniversary Sale?

– SAVE THE DATE!!!! Official dates have been released!! It usually begins with a Preview Launch Day where we will see what’s going to be on sale!! Pro tip: Tap here to follow me on LTK and anything I share from Nsale Preview that you’re excited to shop, you can add to your favorites in LTK!! You MUST do this if you want to check out faster and prevent sell out risk! One of the years, people’s orders were cancelled when trying to check out and even orders that were ALREADY placed got cancelled because there was no inventory left, even after checkout!!
– Early Access (you need to be a Nordstrom card holder to get early access)
– Public Access to the sale is when anyone can shop, even if you don’t have a Nordstrom card!

2024 Nsale dates are live!!!
Preview (Everyone!): TBA
Icon Early Access: July 9-14
Ambassador Early Access: July 10-14
Influencer Early Access: July 11-14
Public Access (Everyone!): July 15 – August 4

How important is it really to get a Nordstrom card?

If you want to get the best picks, it’s the only way. You need a Nordstrom card to shop the sale first. SO MUCH SELLS OUT!! In minutes!!! There have always been so many complaints that “nothing” is left waaaay before it even opens to the general public. The Nordstrom card is key. If you can’t get a card, that’s ok! There’s usually always something to take home from the sale, it just might not be your first choice. Also, there are often surprise restocks of popular items that went fast initially, so be sure to sign up for our EXCLUSIVE NSALE EMAIL LIST and Google Group to get notified!!!

Want to apply for a Nordstrom Card? Click HERE!

Right now, Nordstrom is offering a $40 Bonus Note for use on a future purchase! Subject to credit approval.

I have the card, now what??!

Each card holder has a status. Status categories are as follows: Icon, Ambassador, and Influencer. Your status is based on how much you spend each year. You can click HERE for more details on your status. You’ll be able to shop the Nsale according to your status.

Pro-tip: Be sure to use a Personal Double Points Day to earn 2X the points on any day you select!

How will I help?

-Follow me @interiordesignerella on Instagram and LTK! I’ll be posting all the try-ons on Instagram Story and Reels as well as exclusive content on LTK!

-Our EXCLUSIVE NSALE EMAIL LIST and Google Group!!!! Everyone included will get personalized messages from me and my team with instant links that I’m pulling. I’ll be sharing quick updates there with tips since it will be easier than doing separate blog posts. It will be the fastest way for me to connect with you. If you want the most up to date info as I see it, be sure to sign up for BOTH!

-I have created a section on my blog here called “NSALE”. I’ll be sharing a complete shopping guide, blog round ups within each category of the sale (bags, boots, designer, athletic, men, kids, home, etc.)

-I realize that not everyone can afford shopping the sale. To continue to give back, I’ll be doing some give-aways!!

I am so so SO excited to get to shop the BIGGEST sale of the year with you!! It’d be an honor to do the biggest sale of the year virtually together!! Xo!!

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