NSALE 2020 Shopping Guide!! Get Ahead Of The Game!

Nsale 2020!! It’s GO TIME!!! Nordstrom officially launched their Nordstrom Anniversary Sale preview TODAY!!! See my picks below!!!




Check back! I’ll be updating these preview picks between now and August 4th for the first day of early, early access!!!! To see the entire preview, click here! To read more about dates & how to qualify for early access, click here!

Not sure where to start, but don’t want to miss out??!! Read on for your detailed game plan!! Sharing all my “secrets” so you can go into the sale with PURPOSE and get in and out before things sell out!!

Step 1. Make a list of HIGH SELL OUT RISK brands YOU want to shop & Prioritize Them!!

(After getting the Nordstrom Card, of course! I’m assuming everyone reading this already knows getting the Nordstrom Card means you’ll be one of the first to shop! More deets here!!)

There are items that sell out the fastest!!! If you want them, you need to be one of the first to not only add to cart, but actually check out!! Putting items in your cart does NOT hold them for you. Last year, orders were even cancelled AFTER checkout because there was no inventory left to ship!

Below are the HIGH SELL OUT RISK brands with items that have sold out year after year. Of course every year is different, but you can put the odds in your favor. Decide which of these brands you want to shop. Write them down to start your personal shopping list!

Step 2: After you choose your brands, choose the item type/ categories: jackets, sweaters, tops…What of those brands are you wanting to shop? Jot that down next to each brand.

I suggest shopping the brands in this order because the first brands will have product that gets cleaned out the fastest. If you don’t get there first, others will! 

Click on each brand and bookmark the URL! It will save you time navigating to the site! Under each brand are the most popular categories!

BP. (Camisole, T-shirt, Poncho, Cardigan, Skirts, Jeans & Denim, Loungewear, Shoes, Accessories💥 Pro Tip: Go after lace trimmed camis, animal print, stripes, basic tees & booties!)

BLANKNYC (Coats, Jackets & Blazers 💥 Pro Tip: Go after the moto jacket!)

Barefoot Dreams (Cardigan)

Marc Fisher (Booties)

Steve Madden (Oxfords & loafers)

Chelsea28 (Tank, Blouse, Cardigan)

Madewell (T-shirt, Jeans & Denim, Cardigan, Handbags, Shoes 💥 Pro Tip: Go after the slides and mules!)

Tory Burch (Shoulder Bags, Crossbody Bags, Sunglasses, Wallets & Card Cases)

Treasure & Bond (Cardigan, T-shirt, Belts, Hats)

Sam Edelman (Booties, Boots 💥 Pro Tip: Go for any over the knee or knee high boots!)

Halogen (Camisole, T-Shirt, Cardigan, Earrings, Necklace)

Vince Camuto (Booties)

Other Popular Brands:

Stuart Weitzman (Boots 💥 Pro Tip: Grab the over the knee boots if they’re on sale! This is the only time each year you can save big on these investment boots!!)

SPANX (Leggings)

Leith (Dresses, Cardigan, Tops 💥 Pro Tip: Go for the body-con dresses!)

Adidas (Activewear & Sneakers)

Zella (Leggings)

ASTR (Dresses)

Free People (Tops, Cardigans) 

Kendra Scott (Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet) 

Caslon (Tops, Pants 💥 Pro Tip: Go after basic tees!)

Step 3. Once the sale goes live, SHOP. Don’t browse! Go directly to the first priority brand on your list, narrow products to the item type/ categories you want, add to cart and then move quickly to the next brand.

Can’t decide what color/ size you want?…PRO TIP: BUY NOW, RETURN LATER!!! If you’re only going to have one takeaway, this is it!!! Get what you think you might want (ie. same cardigan in different colors and sizes!) Then take the time to decide after it’s in your hands!

Because a lot of people do this, don’t despair if what you wanted sold out. Chances are people will return what you need, so make sure you’re signed up for my exclusive NSALE email list!! That’s where I’ll be communicating restocks and personal messages first!!! You’ll also have direct email access to my and my team, so if you want to get a hold of me during the NSALE, being a part of my NSALE email list is the best way!! Restocks sell out fast too! You can also check your bookmarked pages often!

Also, you might like purchasing in waves!! Do you first round of shopping with your priority brands and must-haves. Check out. Then, go back and do subsequent rounds with items you won’t sweat as much if they’re gone. The way I see it:

Round 1: Shop “must haves” as fast as you can!

Round 2: Shop “would be nice to have” as fast as you can, plus restocks!

Round 3 & Up: Shop restocks and anything else you decided you actually want!

I hope this is helpful for you! Every year is different and Nordstrom has made some changes this year with hopes of a better customer experience. It will be interesting to see how inventory sells, how the site loads (it kept crashing last year), what people are shopping the most, how restocks go and all!! I’ll be covering it every step of the way!!!

Thank you so much for shopping with me!! It’s an absolute honor!!! Love you girls!!!! XOXO!!!!

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