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Hello my Beautiful Friends!!!

A dear friend and mentor of mine has been involved in a very special organization called Kids Alive International (KAI). It is an incredible ministry in Guatemala that rescues and restores young girls who have been victims of physical and sexual abuse, trafficking and forced labor.

The girls are taken to a care center, “The Oasis”, where they live and are looked-after by a team of social workers, psychologists, teachers, house moms and missionaries who love them, care for their needs and work toward healing and reunification with their families!!

Below is a short video to learn more about Oasis and how they are helping these sweet little ones heal!!

The cost to take in and rehabilitate a child for one year is $6000 which includes education, personal items, room and board, medical care, therapy, and legal support.  If you’d like to read more about Oasis or would like to donate to this ministry, please click here and then click on the orange “Give to the Oasis Rescue Fund Now” button.

It’s so difficult to hear about children being hurt, but I felt burdened to share because there ARE wonderful organizations like KAI that are helping these beautiful little girls heal and giving them hope!!  Thanks for reading my Lovelies and helping to raise awareness!

For more information or if you feel called to give, please contact Karen Eaton: (949) 933-6890

Oasis from Kids Alive International on Vimeo.


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