Peep Toed Booties To Style This Spring From Nordstrom

Peep toed booties are a year round privilege here in sunny San Diego! I’ve lived in So Cal my who life; I’m a native San Diegan! There are many things I love about where I call “home” and the weather is definitely one of them!! I’m not very good at tolerating cold climates, so the fact that it’s January and it has been 80 degrees this week, I’m LOVING it hehe!!!

peep toed booties

All that said, I know many of you wonderful friends are still in winter temps! So, wearing peep toed booties year round isn’t a practical option. I definitely support dressing for where you’re at, and I also support stocking up on all the cute things for spring, even if they are a buy-now, wear-later type of treasure!! That way, you’ll be ready to rock a wardrobe without missing out on the popular goodies getting released NOW for spring! Yipeee!!!

Along those lines, you definitely don’t want to miss out on these cute peep toed booties!! They run true to size and are comfy right out of the box! They are available in three colors…and I want them all hehe!

peep toed booties


spring fashion

Embracing the warmth these days, I styled these peep toed booties with my mini skirt and this AMAZING jacket that I just picked up yesterday!! You can shop my look my babes by clicking on any photo below!!

I’m LOVING these pretty shoes, and think you will too!! I’ve linked more shoe crush options for you below to browse and shop! All from Nordstrom!! Nordstrom is hands down my FAVORITE place to shop. No kidding, I practically live there lol!! Did you see the mirror selfie I posted on my Instagram with my daughter? My kids often play “curb side pickup” make believe because I use that service ALL THE TIME. If you haven’t yet, and there is a Nordstrom near you, you NEED to try!!!! No parking, waiting in line, no getting out of your car hehe…SUPER CONVENIENT!! Click here to learn more about their fabulous curbside pickup service!!

Thank you so much for visiting my Loves!!! Always always aaaalways love having you here!! Do you follow me on Instagram? I’d LOVE to see how you style these!!! You can send me a DM on Instagram anytime!!! I’m on IG everyday hehe!! You can find me at (@interiordesignerella) !! I post all my fashion finds there!! If interested, you can click here to be taken to my “Shop My Instagram” page! Thank you so much Nordstrom and Reward Style for sponsoring this post! It’s a true honor and joy to get to work with you!!! Thank you!!! As always, all content and thoughts are my own! I appreciate you all!!! XOXO!!!

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