Transitional Booties: Must-Have To Spring Into Spring!

What gives you that extra pep in your step?? I remember when Shawn and I were first dating…made me light on my feet! My heart and head were on cloud 9! He still gives me butterflies and after almost 10 years of marriage, some things never change! For example…he still has the key to my heart! (Is that cheesy or is that cheesy? Hehehe!) And a fabulous pair of shoes still make me walk taller (literally and figuratively lol!)

If you’re still in the midst of snow, warmer days are ahead! If you’re in sunny southern California like me, then warmer days are heeereeee!! I still can’t believe it will be almost 80 degrees tomorrow!!!! Whatever weather conditions you are experiencing, now is the perfect time to start stocking up on transitional pieces. You want to have those ready when weather transitions hit, and not be waiting to get them when you need them most! We can be prepared! Here in this post, I’m talking specifically about must-have transitional booties! These ones to be exact!!!

transitional booties for spring

So what do I love about these transitional booties??

1.They are still closed toe, which I prefer in winter.

2. However, it’s paired with this gorgeous perforated lattice!!! Not only is it aesthetically amazing, but its also practical! Very breathable!!

3. The overall design is  a work of art!! I loveeee the asymmetrical deep ankle cut, detailed seams and block heel.

4. Easy to style! Rock with jeans, skirts, dresses and leggings! I love having pieces that are functional and supports achieving variable looks! Helps me get the most bang for my buck. My husband appreciates this (Insert emoji with halo here hehe!)

transitional booties for spring

transitional booties for spring

I haven’t seen anything quite like these!!!! They’re functional, beautiful, and available just in time to prepare for spring!!! I find they run true to size and you can snag them in two other color options too: black (called “black suede”) and gray (called “gravel nubuck”)! These above are called “trek suede”. I finally decided on this color, but want all three!!! Of course these transitional booties are from my FAVORITE place to shop! Nordstrom!!! Nordstrom has THE best selection of quality shoes!! Their customer service is top notch. I’m also linking other popular shoe picks below. Simply click on any photo below and use the arrows to scroll through them all!

Thanks so much for reading my beauties!!! I’m sending you SO much love and wishing you a fabulous day that puts a little pep in your step!!!

P.S. Do you follow me on Instagram? I’d LOVE to see how you style these!!! You can send me a DM on Instagram anytime!!! I’m on IG everyday hehe!! You can find me at (@interiordesignerella) !! I post all my fashion finds there!! If interested, you can click here to be taken to my “Shop My Instagram” page! Thank you so much Nordstrom and Reward Style for sponsoring this post! It’s a privilege!!! Thank you!!! As always, all content and thoughts are my own! I appreciate you all!!! XOXO!!!


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