Momma Duck: This Is For You!

We all know a momma duck! Perhaps you’re even one!! With Mother’s Day right around the corner, this is THE PERFECT bracelet and necklace for those sweet Mommas in our lives!!

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I instantly fell in love with the playful concept of “Momma Duck” and her two little ducklings! I happen to have two myself (Grant is 3 and Brin is 5!) so this spoke much to me!! However, whoever gets to wear this sweet duo can absolutely have more!! I have friends who have one child, and some of our best friends have 4+ kiddos!

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Also, maybe that “Momma Duck” might be “Grandma Duck” or “Auntie Duck” etc! There are so many women in our lives who contribute to life in loving ways just like a “Momma Duck”! And this would be so darling to give as a set! And get!! Speaking from experience, since these are early Mother’s Day gifts for me! I absolutely LOVE them!!!

In addition to the whimsically classy and cute design, they’re Kate Spade! A brand I admire and adore!! Quality, yet affordable!! And since they’re sold at Nordstrom, you get the 5 star customer service!!



I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful to get to be Momma Duck to my two littles. There was a time when I wasn’t sure I wanted to be a mom and I have friends who struggle with fertility. Over the years and through experiencing life, there is a sweetness and reverence in motherhood that I have come to learn. It pales in comparison to so much and at night when I tuck my kids into bed, I tell them I can’t wait to see them tomorrow. Because I can’t!! They are the greatest gifts my husband and I could get to have together. And it makes me want more!! Hehe!! Anyone else experiencing baby fever??!

Wherever you are in the journey of being a mother, experiencing the love of a mother, or even being influenced by someone like a mother, I send so much love. It’s a precious path with ups and downs and an overall tenderness that doesn’t compare!

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Thank you for letting me share my Grant with you all!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!! He has brought healing to me in more ways than I ever realized was possible. I am so so so grateful for him and my daughter. And I love how this little Momma Duck set is a fun symbol of us and our little family!

Here is another darling necklace and bracelet too in case you’re interested!!! Click any item below!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that Nordstrom is my home away from home hehe!! I’m there ALL the time!!! That’s because Nordstrom is my ultimate shopping destination, especially for gifts! For Mother’s day, but really any day! All year round! Nordstrom’s breadth of merchandise across all price points as well as services, make gift giving throughout the year seamless! Even if last minute gifts are needed, they have E-gifting! Their Get It Your Way Services include: free shipping/ free returns, buy online and/ or pick up in store, curbside pick up (my favorite!), same day delivery, expedited shipping and reserve. So good!! Happy shopping, Friends!!!

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