Self Care Ideas for Mother’s Day!!

Self care!! Hi gorgeous!!! I know that with Mother’s Day just around the corner and the extra time at home with the kiddos that it can be hard to set aside a moment for yourself!! We can even feel guilty taking time for ourselves but I just want to encourage AND CELEBRATE all the moms out there!!!!! Don’t put yourself at the end of your priority list!! I want to let you know that self care sets you up to be the best YOU and the best you helps you to be the best mom!!! I’ve jotted down some self care ideas for every mom that you can do from home!!! Make the extra time for yourself gf and invest in your emotional, mental, and social health!!! Xo!!

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Create Your Own Spa at Home
Set aside an evening/morning a week and to pamper yourself at home! You’ll feel so much better for it!!
– Light a candle
– Take a long bubble bath or hot shower
– Put on your fav face mask
– Give yourself a manicure + pedicure
– Take your time getting ready, do your hair + makeup!!!

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Reflection Time
Us mama’s always have a million things on our never ending to-do list, right? I find it incredibly helpful when I carve out time in my day to acknowledge my thoughts and write them down!! There’s a few options for you!! And if not writing, even just taking time to REFLECT is important!!
– Start a gratitude journal!! Write down at least 1 thing you’re grateful for that day!! And for an extra gold start you can even say WHY!!!!
– Write down one word to describe your emotion for that day!! This will be great to look back on a month later!!
– Watch the sunrise or sunset!!! Take this time to dig deep and reflect!!!
– Read a book!! Or if you’re like my husband you can listen to a book!!

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Health & Fitness
Whether you are a fitness guru or aren’t so confident with it, there is definitely something we can all do to invest in our physical health!!
– 5-15 minute stretching session!! This can be at any time!! I find that doing it at the same time helps build a routine!!
– Go for a walk!! I have been doing a lot of this lately!! I love and appreciate this time so much!!!
– Try new recipes!!! Food is medicine!!

self care ideas for mother's day

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