From Gym To Grocery Store: Athleisure Is The Hot Trend

I’m a mom who wears yoga pants as “real” pants, so I’m loving that the athleisure trend is making my I-need-to-rush-out-of-the-house-I’m-so-late ootd (outfit of the day) not only acceptable, but desirable…and might I add even VOGUE. Yesssss! Doing a happy dance…in my yoga pants hehe!!

Would it seem funny if I shared that I often feel most “put together” in my athleisure looks? Maybe it’s because I feel most comfortable. I own a variety of denim and dresses, but always reach for my comfy clothes first!! Aka athleisure goodies!! So what is the athleisure trend?

I think of it as incorporating athletic and lounge clothing into an outfit. Exercise pants are staples in the athleisure closet. Since they have become so widely accepted, you can wear them with an exercise top (lose or fitted) or “dressy” top (think tunic or even nice sweater). Same goes with shoes to complete the look: exercise shoes (such as Nike or New Balance) or “dressy” shoes (boots or even heels).

Athleisure fashion trend

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The nice thing about ahtleisure is that even the most casual can be deemed the most fashionable. So depending on your mood or function, there is much liberty in how to rock the athleisure look!

This fall, I decided I wanted to take advantage of the athleisure trend and not only invest in an extra pair of quality exercise pants, but I also wanted a new pair of shoes that I could use outside of the gym. I love my running shoes! However, I wanted a pair that weren’t necessarily for running. I wanted a pair that were more chic and polished for everyday use. When I saw these no-lace, easy slip-on black and gold sneaks…I knew I found the ones!!

shoes for fall

Naturally, I discovered these beauties at Nordstrom!! Nordstrom is my go-to. If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know this hehe…and there’s a good chance you already know that I LOVE their curbside pick up service. This is how I shop 99% of the time. I simply place an order on-line and then drive to curbside to pick it up! Often the same day! With no need to unbuckle and unload the kids!!! What a dream hehe! My son is at the age where his little toddler legs move faster than mine and this makes in store shopping less than pleasant. Just being honest lol!

Athleisure fashion trend

I digress…back to my new kicks! Would you have guessed that these are UGGS? They are not the first brand I turn to when looking for new sneakers. I actually just happened to stumble upon them, yet I’m OBSESSED. They run true to size, look prettier than my actual running shoes, and complete my athleisure look with a more polished feel!! So glad I found these! If you’re mood for more browsing, click here to shop all of Nordstrom’s shoes for fall!

shoes for fall

athleisure is trendy

I’ve also rounded up some other athleisure picks that are popular!

Thank you for stopping by!! You can always shop this look and all my looks by visiting my “Shop My Instagram” page! Would love to hear what you think about the athleisure trend! Message me anytime on Instagram. I’m there everyday and it’s the best way to get a hold of me! Have a wonderful day, Friends!!

Thank you Nordstrom for sponosring this post! As always, my thoughts are all my own! XO!!


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