Three Fall Fashion Tips With Nordstrom

Fall is here!! YAY! It’s in the air!!! Today was overcast and I “bundled” up in my cardigan hehe…Living in San Diego, the weather doesn’t change all that much. I wear my flip flops year round, but it is kind of fun to throw on a cardigan when 80 degrees becomes 70 degrees. I honestly love celebrating every season. I feel like each change comes in such the perfect timing and I’m excited for all that’s ahead!

In addition to the weather forecast, I’m embracing the fashion forecast! There are three fashion tips I’m excited to share with you! I’ll break it all down here. Click any photo below to shop!


fall fashion

1. Incorporate Leopard Print

Spotted this season (pun intended!) is a surge in leopard everything! Jackets, belts, bags, you name it. I’ve always been very conservative with animal print, but this season I decided to go big and take home these booties!!! They add a touch of trending sass, but they’re super practical! The heel is steady and you can dress up or dress down. You might like sizing up half a size. They’re really SO FUN!!!

fall leopard booties

2. Embrace The Belt Bag

It makes me chuckle to see the fanny pack do a come back…and with intentional branding. When I was in the store, I called this a “fanny pack” and the sales associate quickly corrected me with “belt bag.” It’s almost like it’s becoming taboo to call these awesome accessories by their vintage names. I definitely agree that “belt bag” sounds cooler (and I appreciate the alliteration), but to me they’ll always be fanny packs and I’m not ashamed hehe!! And for someone who has perpetual back issues where carrying a traditional purse or bag is hard on my back and shoulders, I really do appreciate this re-emerging trend for it’s practical reasons. Plus, there are so many styles to choose from!! My black one sold out (that’s how popular it is!!! I linked it in red and added a couple other cute ones). Also worth noting: despite being associate with the hips, it is also very trendy to strap across your body like a beauty pageant sash hehe!! Rock them girls, however you like!!! They’re cool. And so are you.

belt bag

3. Cuff Your Layering Sleeves

While layering is nothing new, I’ve really been on a cuffing kick. I like to cuff my sleeves on outer layers (ie. cardigans, denim jackets, blazers, etc.) while wearing long sleeves. I feel like this adds dimension and style with ease. I have here two fall worthy colors, but you can absolutely play around with playful prints, contrasting textures and more! Give it a try!


Hope you have fun spicing up your fall wardrobe as you perhaps (pumpkin) spice your lattes and all this fall season!

As always you can find me at (@interiordesignerella) on Instagram!! I post all my fashion finds there!! And yes! Majority come from Nordstrom!! Nordstrom is my home away from home hehe!! Before I for anything, I always check Nordstrom first. They have prime selection of affordable and luxurious…all with the convenience of same day curbside pick-up after ordering online! That is 99% of how I shop these days!! If you haven’t tried this service yet and have a local Nordstrom, I HIGHLY recommend!!!!

If interested, you can click here to be taken to my “Shop My Instagram” page! Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post! It’s a privilege to get to work with you!!! Photography credit goes to the amazingĀ Cindy Kyle Photography! As always, all content and thoughts are my own! I appreciate you all!!! Much!!! XOXO!!!

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