Upper Body Workout at Home!! + Walmart Athleisure Wear!!

Upper body workout!! Hey loves!!! How’re you doing?!! Great I hope!!! Sending you so much love and virtual hugs!!! You guys loved my previous workout blog post with my booty workout!! So I thought I’d share another workout with you but this time focusing on our upper body!!! But ALSOOOOO!!!! My entire outfit is from the Champion line sold at Walmart!! I especially love the sports bra because I have a hard time finding a sports bra that is both comfortable and supportive!! This jacket has matching joggers but I paired it with another Champion shorts so that you can see how versatile their line is and can totally be mix and matched!! These shorts are perfect to lounge in as well!! They are all true to size and I’m so in love with these pieces!! I’ve also linked some of my fav finds on Walmart for you!!! Hope you enjoy the workout babe!! Xo!!!

upper body workout sports bra

Make sure you watch this video for an easy how-to!!!

Overhead Press
As you hold your dumbbells just outside of your shoulders with your arms bent, press both dumbbells up into the air until your dumbbells are overhead and your arms are straight. Pause, then lower the dumbbells to the starting position. After each overhead press take a lateral step and repeat.

Side Shoulder Flys
Feet should be hip-distance apart. With a dumbbell in each hand and at your sides, raise yours arms up and out to each side forming a “T” shape. Don’t forget to breathe and engage your core. Pause for 3-seconds and then slowly lower your weights to the starting position. Repeat.

upper body workout sneakers

Supinated Front Raise
Hold your dumbbells with your palms facing forward on each side. Slowly raise your your weights up then slowly lower your weight to it’s starting position. After each rep take a lateral step and repeat.

Chest Press
If you don’t have a bench, lay on something firm and stable. You can plant your feet on the ground or raise them on the bench. With a dumbbell in each hand slowly push the dumbbells up so that your arms are directly over your shoulders, hold and slowly lower to starting position. Repeat.

Tricep Dips
Great tip! Use a chair for this workout! With your chair or bench behind you, stabilize your grip from behind, keep in mind that your grip should be shoulder-distance apart. With your legs positioned in front of you, like you’re sitting on a chair, you will dip and return to starting position. Repeat.

upper body workout gear

It’s time to put on your favorite playlist and get your workout going!!!


Overhead Press (moving laterally)
1st Set: 20 reps / 2.5 lbs / arms together
2nd Set: 18 reps / 5 lbs / alternating arms
3rd Set: 16 reps / 10 lbs / arms together
4th Set: 14 reps / 10 lbs / alternating arms

Side Shoulder Flys (hold 3 seconds)
1st Set: 20 reps / 2.5 lbs
2nd Set: 14 reps / 5 lbs

Supinated Front Raise (hold 3 seconds)
1st Set: 20 reps / 2.5 lbs
2nd Set: 18 reps / 5 lbs / alternating arms

Chest Press
1st Set: 20 reps / 7 lbs
2nd Set: 18 reps / 10 lbs
3rd Set: 16 reps / 10 lbs

Tricep Dips
2 Sets / 20 reps

upper body workout jacket

So excited that we can workout together!! What’s the next workout you would like to see??? Do you have other home workouts you’ve been loving? Thank you for being here babes!! Click here to shop my daily fashion finds! Love and appreciate you all!! XO!!

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