Zella Leggings Are Better Than A Cape!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Super Mom!!! Teehehe…I wish!!! If there’s a day my kids actually call me “Super Mom” I’ll be kindly asking them to repeat it on video so I can have it forever and ever LOL! I’ll keep dreaming and in the meantime, I’ll be doing my best to try saving the day incognito in my Zella leggings.


In my everyday life, leggings have become my get-stuff-done uniform. Getting down on the floor with the kiddos, getting up to do the laundry, run a bunch of errands, let alone really RUN…leggings are what make getting the job done more comfortable! And I’m aaaallll about comfort, Friends!!! Plus, they’re not just for mommas! Or gym lovers! They’re for the modern day super heros- like YOU! Run around in them or relax in them. Who needs a cape when you’ve got leggings??!

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As I just took a bunch of pictures in these must-have Zella leggings, might I draw some attention to the fact that they’re AAAAMAZING!! Comfy? Check. Stylish? Check. Figure friendly? Check. These seamless Zella leggings are high waisted, but not too tight, so they’re comfortable to wear all day long and won’t overstretch or bunch up! Also, I think the perforations are FUN! They remind me of the days when I used to wear fishnets…but since I feel too old to do that anymore, these are a nice compromise for a tired momma on the go! Hehe!! Even though I appreciate the aesthetics, those perforations are there for practical reasons!! Designed to keep us cool! I’ll vote figuratively and literally my Loves!!!

zella leggings zella leggings

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I’m wearing size small for reference and they are only $55! If you’ve ever shopped for high quality workout gear, you’ll know this is priced right!! Paired these pretty leggings with this soft funnel neck vest! Wearing size x-small. I’m digging the wide arm holes and front zipper pouch! Also from Zella!!! And less than $50!!! Available in black too! Woot!

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Speaking of Zella, this epic line of fine athletic wear is only available at Nordstrom! You won’t find it any where else. Another solid reason I keep going back to Nordstrom!!! I love that Nordstrom carries not only the ritzy, but also the affordable- with 5 star customer service!!! I do 99% of my shopping at Nordstrom. I’m a #fanforlife hehe!!! Nordy Girl as they say!

Here are a few more Zella items for you to browse and shop!! Click any photo below for immediate shopping links! Carpe diem amazing people!! Rooting for you!!!

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