Best Holiday Shoes For All Your Holiday And New Year Festivities

Who needs a fairy godmother to make glass slippers when Nordstrom delivers these?!??? Hello magical holiday shoes!!! Glass of course isn’t very realistic, but glitter, sequins and dazzling glam sure is!!!! All available just a click away!!! (That’s your cue to click the picture below tehehe!)

holiday shoes

holiday shoes

I can’t get enough of these sparkly holiday shoes!!! They are even more gorgeous in person!!! Classy, elegant, fun, flirty…yes, please!! Do you have some parties this season that have you on the hunt for the perfect holiday shoes that are festivity worthy? Nordstrom is THE place to shop for your perfect holiday shoes!!! Seriously, I just need to move into Nordstrom already. I’m always there ha! For good reason though! They have the best of the best!! And if silver isn’t your cup of tea…check out these pretty things!!!

holiday and new years eve shoes

party shoes

gold shoes

The black and gold are BEAUTIFUL. I love how the sequins flip! Plus, the block heel is fabulous!! They are sturdy and easy to walk in! Yay!! Alsooooo, would you believe me if I told you they are only around 100 bucks??! Yep! When I first saw these, I thought for sure these ritzy holiday shoes would be more expensive. Thankfully, that’s not the case! Woooooo! They also come in a glamorous pink and silver!!!

“Jen”, you might say, “I love these pretty holiday shoes, but I prefer something with a smaller heel.” Or maybe you like a good heel, but want a different look! I got you sister!!! Below are a few other holiday shoes that might strike your fancy and needs! Click any photo below for immediate shopping links my Loves!! (Now I’m kind of starting to feel like a fairy godmother lol!! But instead of a wand, I’ve got links for you!) Bippity boppity boo! Ta-dah!! Here they are!

Do you follow me on Instagram? I’d LOVE to see what holiday shoes you pick!!! You can send me a DM on Instagram showing me what you got!!! I’m on IG everyday!! Rain or shine hehe!! You can find me at (@interiordesignerella) !! I post all my fashion finds there!! If interested, you can click here to be taken to my “Shop My Instagram” page! You can also shop my Holiday Gift Guides by clicking here! Thank you so much Nordstrom and Reward Style for sponsoring this post! I’m absolutely thrilled to get to play princess with all your amazing holiday shoes and links!!! Thank you!!! As always, all content and thoughts are my own! I’m so grateful for all of you!!! XOXO!!!

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