Five Fabulous Sweaters For Fall Under Fifty Bucks

I wonder who coined the phrase “sweater weather”? I bet if they made a coin for every time their claim to fame rolled off a tounge, they’d be sitting pretty- in pretty sweaters and in financial bliss!

Despite the fact that I’m still in cut-offs and flip flops during this week’s heat wave, I’m excited that it’s nonetheless fall and I’ve been stocking up on affordable, quality, cozy sweaters for when those cool temps finally hit!

I’m so excited to be teaming up with Nordstrom to share my favorite five sweaters for fall- all under fifty bucks! So without further ado, here they are my Friends!! Ta-dah!!!

Fall Sweaters

Flare Sleeve Sweater// $39// This loose fit and color give me all the feels!!

Fall sweaters

Cross Front Braided Sweater// $49// I’m loving the cable knit and fit!

Fall sweaters

Ruffle Cold Shoulder Sweater// $49// These statement shoulders are flirty, fun, and available in other colors!

Fall sweaters

Laced Sleeve Sweater// $49// Lace up details have been so popular…I especially love that they’re on these sleeves!!

Fall sweaters

Ruffle One Shoulder Sweater// $42// This asymmetrical cut is dramatic, yet playful! Casual, yet elegant!

Soooo, these are the five sweaters I took home with me!!! However, they are only a bit of a lot!! Nordstrom has what seems like an endless supply of cozy sweaters for all price points, styles, occasions and more!

If you couldn’t tell by now, Nordstrom is my home away from home LOL! And oooo! If you’re in San Diego, you should definitely check out the new Nordstrom that just opened in La Jolla, at the UTC Mall!! It’s beautiful! With eight in-house designer boutiques! I finally tried on that Gucci bag I’ve been eyeing!! My dream bag! I’ll keep dreaming and stick to my affordable sweater collection hehe!!

Thank you Nordstrom and Reward Style for sponsoring this post! I absolutely adore working with you both!! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own! And if you’re in the mood to see more of what I post, simply click here to be taken to my “Shop My Instagram” page or here to follow me on Instagram! Message me anytime!!!! Friends, you rock my world!! Thank you for being here!! XOXO!!!





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