Shop These Top Three Fall Wardrobe Layering Essentials

San Diego temps dropped below 70 degrees, so my layering essentials came out to play!!! I love layers…and not just in chocolate cake hehe!! I know it’s not rocket science, but I totally appreciate how fab they are for fall because you can easily and strategically stack or remove them. Need to trap in a little more body heat? Bring on the layering essentials! Went from brisk outdoors to cozy indoors? Simply remove a layer or two. Easy-peasy! Added bonus: lots of styling opportunities! There are so many colors and textures to mix and match. The styling sky is the limit!!!

So what are my top three layering essentials?? These three, my friends: layering top, cardigan, and scarf. In that order. These three layering essentials below are currently my faves!!

Basic Layering Top:

I need my layering foundation to be comfortable and light. This fitted gray top takes the cake! The fabric is super soft to the touch, stretchy, and very breathable. I’ve seen some layering tops that get too sheer. You’ll still want to wear a nude colored brassiere,  but this one has the right amount of coverage. Plus, the color is perfectly neutral so you can style it to achieve multiple looks. You can wear this top as is, with or without layers. Under $50 and not only a practical, but stellar bang for your buck!!


I have started quite the collection of cozy cardigans!!! I love how some drape romantically, some are long, some have rolled sleeves, others have pockets…there are so many types- in a plethora of colors and fabrics! You can’t have too many!!! BUT if you needed to narrow it down to one, might I suggest this over-sized cardigan treasure. It’s basically like wearing a blanket!! And it’s another basic color that you can mix and match. Looking forward to wrapping myself in this comfy garb even into the holiday season!


Want to feel like you’re walking around with your own personal fluffy cloud? Look no further! Hehe!!! I have this super popular scarf in two colors!! It’s long, so totally usable as a shawl. Wraps up in a cinch or unravel and drape over legs if seated somewhere where a little extra leg warmth is needed…and you don’t have any leg warmers lol!! In all seriousness, this scarf was the IT scarf of the season last year…and now it’s back!! Under $50, so snag yours in as many colors as you want!!!

To finish off my look, I’m linking these jeans, shiny silver mules, and ideal sized cross body bag!! I think you’ll love these fall goodies as much as I do! They’re practical, cozy, quality, affordable and timeless!! Nordstrom has hands down the BEST layering essentials, accessories and more for fall and beyond! They are my one stop shop!!!

Thank you Nordstrom and Reward Style for sponsoring this post! I absolutely adore working with you both!! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own! And if you’re in the mood to see more of what I post, simply click here to be taken to my “Shop My Instagram” page or here to follow me on Instagram! Message me anytime!!!! Friends, you rock my world!! Thank you for being here!! XOXO!!!

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