High Tops Meet House Shoes With These Must-Have Cozy Kicks!

There’s something about high tops that take me back. They remind me of my high school days and boy crushes. Playful. Retro. Cool. Youthful. They’re no fountain of youth, but when I slip these babies on, suddenly I feel “hip” ha! I LOVE how UGG put their spin on these genuine shearling lined kicks!!!! They have the spunk of my teenage years, but also all the class, luxury and quality that  a woman might appreciate in her later years of life (wink, wink)!

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It’s no secret that UGG is the epitome of cozy shoes. I appreciate their brand, standards…and creativity!!! There are so many ways to rock these!!! The laces can go all the way up, but I like to wrap them around the ankle. You can also fold down the shearling all around, or just the tongue! These are SO fun!! When they came in the mail, my hubby even approved.

ugg shoes


Unlike my other UGG shoes, these high tops are strategically lined with shearling just around the ankle. The rest of the inside of the shoe is not lined, and since these are more like sneakers, I really like that because then I can wear my socks comfortably. Also unlike my other UGG shoes, these have a durable rubber sole designed for sneakers. These definitely feel more like a converse shoe than a house slipper that’s acceptable out in public hehe! So good!!! Don’t get me wrong…I love both!!!


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These high tops are the color “chestnut”, but they’re also available in black. I usually wear a 7.5, so I ordered a 7.5 and they fit great! However, if you’re on the fence you might want to size up. Cute with denim, leggings, knee high socks and more, they’re pretty rad in my book…even as a 30 something momma of two hehe!!! Here are a few other shoes that I’ve rounded up- fit for a variety of occasions!! Click any photo below for immediate shopping!!

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