Gucci Disco Bag VS YSL Camera Bag

Gucci disco bag! Hello gorgeous!! Today’s blog is a fun one!! If you follow me on Instagram then you know I’ve been getting into Reels!! And one of my recent ones has been getting a lot of track!! It’s the one where I compare the Gucci disco bag to the YSL camera bag! You can watch it here! I’m excited to do a dedicated blogpost for you with more juicy details on my thoughts!!

gucci disco bag

The Gucci disco bag is actually my very first designer bag!! It’s definitely an investment piece and I didn’t take it out of its box for 2 weeks when I got it! I was so nervous!! But it still looks just as good as when I got it Christmas morning from my husband 4 years ago! I love it so much!! Definitely a staple in my wardrobe!!

ysl camera bag

Now as for the YSL camera bag!! It’s my most recent designer bag that I’ve added to my collection! Well….I should say that my husband added!! It was another Christmas gift!! I’m so grateful!!


gucci disco bag dimensions

YSL Camera Bag
8 1/2″W x 6″H x 2 1/2″D
21″ – 24″ convertible strap

Gucci Disco Bag
8″W x 6″H x 2.5″D
22″ adjustable strap


ysl camera bag tassle
gucci disco bag tassle

The YSL camer bag has a removable tassle and it also has the Saint Laurent monogram. Whereas the Gucci disco bag’s tassle is fixed to the zipper with round studs.


ysl camera bag interior
ysl interior

gucci disco bag interior
gucci interior

The YSL camera bag has black interior and the Gucci disco bag has tan interior.

Final Thoughts

I love both!!! However I find that I lean more towards the YSL camera bag! It holds its shape better and I’m obsessed with the brass logo-monogram hardware on the front!! But I’m still very happy with my Gucci disco bag!! Still so so special to me!! Here’s some fun ways I’ve styled each handbag!!

gucci disco bag outfit

gucci disco bag fashion

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